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July 2, 2022

With so many new developments in e-commerce, this year and last, voice commerce was inevitable. Even though we've become accustomed to mobile commerce (app purchases) and live commerce, voice commerce is focused on something entirely different.

The primary reason this trend has gained so much traction is that conversational commerce is the most practical, quick, and user-friendly among all methods of online shopping. You don't need to be technically savvy or have any experience with modern tools. When using voice commerce to make a purchase, all you have to do is issue a command. Voice commerce is an AI-powered system that allows you to shop using only your voice and a smart device, such as a smartphone or smart speaker. 

Voice commerce takes advantage of improvements in voice recognition. It uses apps like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple's Siri to connect a customer's voice to a processing bot and get responses, which are then turned into voice and played back to the customer, making the experience instantly engaging. 

Voice search

Voice search, also known as voice-enabled, allows users to search the Internet, a website, or an app using a voice command. Although voice commerce is still relatively new, voice search has been around for a while. It has been used by various search engines and applications, but primarily for voice searches.

Image Kaufdex from Pixabay

It was pretty simple at first: you had to click a microphone button, say what you wanted, and then glance through search engine results. It was an excellent initiative for those with difficulty writing, but it still needed your action to activate voice recognition. Then came voice-activated actions such as searching, adding items to shopping lists, reminding people of upcoming events, etc.


Using voice technology to make purchases

We've progressed even further with the ability to buy online using voice technology. You'll still have to glance at the screen and manually scroll if you need to scour through product lines or purchase multiple items. However, voice commerce is ideal if you know the brand and the store where you want to buy it or if you simply want to reorder. It takes only a few seconds and requires no touching of the device.

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Voice assistant

At this point, systems can recognize and execute commands in addition to reading voice. Whether it's Google Assistant, Apple's Siri, or Amazon's Alexa, select a command to call the voice assistant and begin shopping.

In settings, you can select different languages to ensure that your native language is recognized. Smart speakers, phones, and other devices will recognize your voice and command, browse for the product, and place the order for you. Simply answer the questions provided, and everything will follow. As a result, if you own a mobile e-commerce app, you could also allow voice assistants in. It will enable more customers to purchase from your store and attract new customers to begin shopping there. Making use of new trends is always a wise option.


Another angle for voice based e-Commerce

Are the developers in the house still reading? Let's digress a little.  Equipe Technique will soon have one answer that can solve many of your obstacles. How? Our team will quickly begin work to build a voice assistant API that will make it easy to access Equipe Technique to book a senior developer. 

It's refreshing to book something as satisfying as a pizza from a phone or computer. But now, instead of voice shopping, it's "voice shopping for top developers" with Equipe Technique's voice assistant as the facilitator. The voice assistant Equipe Technique proposes will make it easy to book meetings with developers that can help you find solutions.

By September, it will be possible to simply book a call with one of the best developers in the world. CORE CONTRIBUTORS to frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, React, or Node js will be listed on our website Equipe Technique, and it will be possible to book a meeting with them. 

Imagine being able to discuss with the founder of React or the founder of Node js; breathtaking, right? Mark your calendars, people.


Implementing voice for retail industry

We can do it for you if we can do it for ourselves. Voice shopping can also be of significant importance in Retail and booking hotels. Voice shopping is an adaptable UX that can enhance many facets of your customers' smart-device interactions with your brand. Take a look at how:


Modified ordering system

Customers are always looking for ways to save time, especially when performing "chores" like buying groceries or cleaning supplies. It's an intelligent move to enable customers to reorder products via voice shopping quickly.

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 Notifications of delivery

After a purchase has been made, voice apps can help the customer feel more satisfied with the service they received. Clients are often very aggravated by delivery problems and delays. By keeping customers informed of their deliveries and other essential status changes, voice apps can help reduce customer complaints. When customers receive notifications, it reinforces their confidence in your brand and helps maintain a positive experience.



Voice apps can help promote by announcing discounts and deals for products users may be interested in.

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Voice commerce in booking hotels

Because hotel guests typically do much more research before making a reservation, it's challenging to imagine hotels lending themselves to voice-commanded direct conversions in the same way that other goods or services might.

Image by Altmann from Pixabay

It is true that voice-activated booking platforms already exist, but it is essential to note that these platforms only function in tandem with visual aids. There is only one direction that voice technology can go. There has been a rise in the use of voice-activated devices, such as smartphones, for making travel arrangements, including hotel stays, while on the go. To succeed in this field, professionals need to master voice search.



Final thoughts

Is voice search shopping something you'd be interested in? In a nutshell, that is dependent on your business's objectives. With voice-activated purchasing, you can provide more value to customers and elevate your brand above the competition. Therefore, providing you can guarantee the safety of your customers' data, voice commerce is an excellent way to retain customers and increase repeat orders from existing ones.




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