40 Hilarious coding memes every developer will get

October 13, 2022
Bamise Oluwaseun
September 2, 2022
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As part of our mission to create content that entertains developers and help them laugh away the stress that comes with the everyday hurdles of the “job”, we have curated our top 40 memes that every programmer can totally relate to.

  1. The oldest joke in the book

  1. Talk about Programming Royalty

  1. Come here young one

  1. Marketing people always do this

  1. You are probably reading this at your work desk…

  1. God-level

  1. If you've ever had this feeling

  1. I dont fix printers

  1. Roller coaster

  1. This is the job

  1. For those of you who take breaks

  1. Deadlocking the deadlock question…smooth move

  1. Cant even catch a break

  1. The invisible 10 lines of code

  1. You know he did more than clean that up nicely

  1. More like 800 hours and then some

  1. Never trust programmers that code on light mode

  1. Programmers 99.9% of the time

  1. Sleep is for the weak

  1. Yes you are

  1. We make the best of even the trickiest situations

  1. Which one are you?

  1. Javascript developers would do anything for a new framework

  1. Never ending bugs
  1. I do not know this code

  1. You are going to need it 

  1. Required skill

  1. Every little progress counts

  1. Self taught is relative

  1. Tree that bears many fruits

  1. Thats what this entire article is about 

  1. You are not alone

  1. Must be exhausting

  1. This is a costly mistake

  1. Bugs have a mind of their own

  1. You can through all 4 in 5 minutes

  1. Why do we need so many meetings?

  1. Did he say typo???? More like tornado

  1. The accuracy of this is just....

  1. I am now on another level

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