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Manifesto for 2033

The Unbounded Potential of Software

Software, the lifeblood of our digital age, possesses an unlimited capacity to revolutionize our world. With each line of code, we don't just create programs; we design the future, invigorating industries, cities, and daily lives. — Tracy Loisel, CEO

Exponential Growth, Unlimited Prospects

By 2023, the software market stands at an impressive $550 billion. Projecting an average growth of 11.9% yearly, its value will skyrocket to $1,150 billion by 2033. With the tribe of software developers predicted to surge from 26.9 million in 2023 to 45 million by 2030, our digital world will know no boundaries.

Evolving Demographics, More Independent Developers

The Western world's aging population will not dim the digital fervor. On the contrary, it paves the way for a rise in independent software developers and independent creatives, adding diversity and fresh perspectives to our tech landscape.

Lowering Barriers, More Innovators

In a world where margin costs continue to diminish, as highlighted by Jeremy Rifkin, launching tech ventures has become more accessible. An influx of passionate founders will only fuel the increasing demand for independent remote tech talents.

Rising Terminals, Proliferating Interfaces

Tomorrow's personal computer won’t just be the conventional laptop or smartphone; it will be smartwatches, VR headsets, glasses, and gaming terminals. As autonomous vehicles evolve, they will not just be modes of transport, but family computing hubs. As the robot revolution commences, our homes will not only shelter us but also serve as community-driven tech ecosystems.

Artificial Intelligence, The Speed Catalyst

The recent advancements in LLM algorithms have transformed computer interactions, making them seamlessly fluid. Now it's the machine who speaks better than us and we all compare our own knowledge and intelligence with ChatGPT, Bard or LLama. AI, coupled with Computer Vision, is set to redefine security, health, transportation, finance, retail and entertainment. With the Internet of Things at the helm, envision cities that think and buildings that react; transforming structures into community computers.

Blockchain's Green Turn

While blockchain's energy concerns are undeniable, technologies like Delegated Proof of Stake – as seen in platforms like Tezos, Cardano, and soon Ethereum – promise a greener future. These platforms are gearing up to shift from ego-systems to true eco-systems, making trading an inclusive venture but also making any digital assets tradable.

We will all step into the Metaverse

The Metaverse is not a place, it is a moment. The Metaverse transcends the concept of location; it encapsulates an epochal experience. For Generation Z, digital assets are not mere bytes; they represent tangible value, often outweighing their material possessions in the real world. We will all step into the Metaverse; the only variable is the timing of our individual awakening.

No-Code Revolution, The New Normal

The divide between personal and professional software creation is fading. The no-code movement is empowering more creators, benefiting end-users, and allowing founders to rapidly launch MVPs.

Imagining 2033 – A World Powered by Software Innovations

By 2033, software will not just be a tool but a companion, aiding us in every walk of life. It will craft experiences, build bridges across cultures, and turn dreams into digital realities. As physical and digital realms converge, the line between the real and the virtual will blur, heralding an era where innovations will dictate the pace and direction of global evolution.

Join us in shaping this vibrant future, where every code is a step towards a brighter, smarter, and interconnected tomorrow. — Tracy Loisel, CEO