Shopmium: Earn cashback when you shop

January 2, 2023
Joash Ojeyokan
January 4, 2023
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Number of developers used: 6 developers                 Duration: 6 months

Project Overview

Shopmium is a subsidiary of Quotient, a world leading couponing company located in France. Shopmium gives users in the US, UK, France, Belgium and India access to exclusive offers on everyday brands found in supermarkets.

After the departure of lead developers from the company, Equipe Technique was employed to hire new lead and junior developers, update the cloud architecture to cope with the 400% growth in data and traffic under our lead, and guarantee the security of the platform.

ETQ’s development team helped ensure Shopmium’s mobile application was stable and secure enough to handle the exponential growth in data and traffic while the Shopmium team with the top engineering talent required.


- Lead the API and backend teams after the departure of lead developers from the company.

- Guarantee the security of the platform.

- Update the cloud architecture after the volume of traffic and date grew by 400%.

- Hire the next lead developer.

- Hire junior developers.


- New features were delivered on time in line with strategic plans while maintaining the project management methodology already being used in the company.

- Conducted design pattern training sessions to help the team grow its architectural skills.

- Migrated database to a much larger one with minimal service interruption (less than 1 hour) for a service that is used in 5 countries (US, UK, Belgium, France and India)

- Implemented pub/sub pattern.

- Updated Tableau for the data science team.

- Setup new security monitoring to identify DDOS and brute force attacks.

- Implemented 2-factor authentication to enhance user security. 

Project Results

At the end of our partnership with Shopmium, we were able to;

- Successfully run all campaigns and features from the company’s strategic plans.

- Successfully block 2 security attacks on the system.

- Hire 1 lead developer and 2 junior developers to join the Shopmium team.

- Successfully migrate database to a larger one to manage growing operations and traffic.

- Enable Ops and marketing team to get more insights to drive business plans and goals.