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July 15, 2023
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"Remote Data Engineer - US Remote"

United States
$90,000 to $120,000 per year.
July 15, 2023
August 18, 2023
United States
Tech Stack:
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
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The Mission

Are you a skilled Data Engineer looking for an exciting remote opportunity? Look no further! Knack, a 100% remote company, is currently seeking a talented individual to join our team as a Remote Data Engineer.

As a Data Engineer at Knack, you will play a crucial role in helping us make data-driven decisions by collecting, transforming, and analyzing data. You will be responsible for creating databases and building pipelines that convert raw data into formats that drive our business decisions. 

On a typical day, you will diagnose and solve issues in existing data pipelines, develop and automate scalable and easily maintainable data pipelines, design data models to meet product and business requirements, and contribute to shared data engineering tooling and standards. Additionally, you will aggregate and analyze various data sets to provide actionable insights, develop reports and dashboards for internal users, and develop technical solutions to improve data access and usage.

To thrive in this role, you should have expertise in AWS RDS and PostgreSQL, excellent communication skills to convey complex technical information, proficiency in identifying and interpreting trends and anomalies in data, and experience as a meaningful contributor to a data-driven architecture at scale. You should also be a problem solver, humble yet opinionated, and an active collaborator who values feedback and enjoys the collaborative process.

At Knack, we offer a range of benefits to support our employees. These include unlimited paid vacation to ensure you stay motivated and balanced, paid corporate retreats where we come together once a year at an amazing location, health insurance coverage for you and your dependents, a 401(k) option to save for your retirement, and equal opportunity and diversity at our core.

Join our team and work alongside a funny, humble, and talented group of individuals who enjoy working together, growing together, and supporting each other. Apply now and embark on an exciting remote data engineering journey with Knack!

Please note: We are unable to sponsor visas at this time.

Technical Stack: 

Front-end: ES6, Vue, Vuex, Vue Router, React, BackboneJS, Webpack

Back-end: Node.js, Express.js

Data Persistence: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Solr, Redis

Testing: Mocha Unit Tests, Playwright js, Cypress.js, Ghost Inspector

AWS: We use AWS across the board

Monitoring and Logging: Graylog, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Prometheus, Grafana

Continued Container Expansion: Docker, ECS, Terraform


  • Unlimited Paid Vacation
  • Paid Corporate Retreats
  • HealthCare
  • 401(k)
  • Equal opportunity and Diversity
  • Learning Credits
  • Family support
  • Tech: Top-of-the-line MacBook
  • Referral Bonus
  • Workstation Allowance

Soft Skills and State-of-Mind:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Humility and openness to feedback
  • Collaborative mindset
  • Eagerness to learn and adapt
  • Ability to work independently and take initiative

To highlight readiness for the role:

  • Emphasize communication skills and ability to effectively convey complex technical information.
  • Showcase experience in diagnosing and solving issues in data pipelines and developing scalable and easily maintained data pipelines.
  • Mention expertise in AWS RDS and PostgreSQL.
  • Highlight experience in analyzing and interpreting data trends and anomalies.
  • Note experience as a contributor to data-driven architecture at scale.
  • Highlight a problem-solving mindset and willingness to experiment and learn.
  • Mention a collaborative approach, seeking feedback and enjoying the collaborative process.
  • Highlight motivation for meaningful work and interest in a challenging role.
  • Emphasize engagement beyond technical tests, including building relationships and understanding customer needs.

Overall, showcase a strong combination of technical expertise, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a collaborative mindset.

  • Expert in AWS RDS and PostgreSQL
  • Strong communicator
  • Proficient in identifying/interpreting trends and anomalies in data, and troubleshooting accordingly
  • Confident with end-to-end data workflows including analysis, reporting, and presenting evidence-based conclusions in a compelling way
  • Experienced as a meaningful contributor to a data-driven architecture at scale
  • Problem solver
  • Humble but opinionated
  • Active collaborator
  • Hungry for meaningful work, and space to do it
  • Engaging beyond tests

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