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July 15, 2023
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"Remote Director of Software QA"

$120,000 to $150,000 per year
July 15, 2023
August 19, 2023
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Ruby on Rails
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The Mission

Are you a talented Director of Software QA looking for an exciting remote opportunity? Look no further! Photobooth Supply Co is seeking a remote Director of Software QA to join our worldwide team. 

At Photobooth Supply Co, we pride ourselves in creating elegant iOS-based photo booths that are connected to peripherals like printers, DSLR cameras, and LEDs. Our cutting-edge iOS app and React web-based product are powered by a Node API, MongoDB database, and several microservices. 

As our Director of QA, you will have the opportunity to lead a small team of manual and automated QA engineers, collaborate with product and development teams, and elevate the quality of our software and leadership within our engineering organization. Your guidance and experience will play a pivotal role in improving our products and mentoring our team of QA engineers. 

In this role, you will be responsible for building great software and working closely with other QA and engineering team members to enhance overall software quality. We value your expertise and encourage you to implement QA process improvements, recommend tools and methodologies, and automate where it makes sense for our company and team. We're also aiming to enhance the transparency of our software quality to the entire engineering team and company, and we trust you to help us answer important questions about our test coverage, bug fixing timeline, and the number of defects found at different stages of development.

Furthermore, you will provide technical guidance for other QA engineers and oversee our manual and automated test suite. Your suggestions and recommendations will be crucial to our success as a data-driven department and company. 

Working in a collaborative, remote-first environment, we prioritize deep work and respect your need for independence. Unlike other workplaces, we minimize meetings and bureaucracy to create an environment that allows you to perform at your best. If you're seeking a workplace that truly values and respects you as an individual while empowering you to deliver exceptional results, look no further than Photobooth Supply Co!

Now, let's talk about requirements. As an essential part of our team, it's important that you embody our core values of kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness. Additionally, teamwork is crucial to our success, so we're seeking a collaborative individual rather than a lone wolf or dictator. A solid track record of helping growth stage SaaS companies implement QA best practices is highly desired, along with experience in both manual and automated QA. We're looking for someone with a proven ability to QA high-quality, battle-tested software, and familiarity with tools like Trello, Asana, Shortcut, Jira, and communication platforms such as Slack.

As a remote-first company, we require you to have several hours of overlap with Pacific Time for synchronous collaboration with the team. This means you should reside within GMT-8 to GMT-3 time zones.

Join our team and enjoy a range of benefits including health benefits, a 401K plan, an education stipend, a bonus plan, an annual retreat, generous PTO and holiday schedule, quarterly financial meetings, open book management, and the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated, intimate team.

If you're ready to be part of an innovative company that values both your individuality and expertise, apply now as our remote Director of Software QA at Photobooth Supply Co!


Soft skills and state-of-mind required for this mission:

  • Kindness, respect, and thoughtfulness
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Leadership and guidance
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Data-driven mindset
  • Technical expertise in QA processes and methodologies
  • Strong communication skills

When submitting an application, highlight the following:

  • Emphasize your ability to work well within a team and your respectful and kind nature.
  • Highlight your experience in implementing QA best practices in a growth stage SaaS company.
  • Mention your expertise in both manual and automated QA.
  • Showcase your track record of ensuring high-quality software.
  • Highlight your proficiency in Agile PM tools and communication tools.
  • Confirm that you have several hours of overlap with Pacific Time to enable synchronous collaboration.

Proposition for professionals lacking self-confidence:

"Join our team as the Remote Director of Software QA and contribute to building exceptional products. We value kindness, respect, and thoughtful leadership, so you can feel confident that you will be supported and appreciated. Your experience and track record in implementing QA best practices will make a significant impact on our software quality. We believe in collaboration and teamwork, and alongside a small team of QA engineers, you will have the opportunity to guide and mentor them. Don't hesitate to apply and showcase your skills - we are a remote-first company that respects and values every individual's contribution. Plus, with our generous benefits and supportive work environment, you'll have the resources and encouragement to thrive."

  • Kind, respectful, and thoughtful
  • Experience in implementing QA best practices in a growth stage SaaS company
  • Manual and automated QA experience
  • Track record of QAing high-quality software
  • Familiarity with Agile PM tools (Trello, Asana, Shortcut, Jira)
  • Proficiency in communication tools (Slack, etc.)
  • Reside within GMT-8 to GMT-3 with several hours of overlap with Pacific Time.

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