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Tracy Loisel
CTO / VP Engineering

Tracy Loisel

Tech Maestro, hands-on, with a Golden Touch in software development.
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Profile verified the 2nd of September 2023.

Meet Tracy Loisel: A seasoned expert in software project management and backend development. With 10+ years seniority in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Vue, and cloud management, Tracy has contributed to renowned open-source projects like 'rails' and 'csv-importer'. Recognized for innovation and awarded in entrepreneurship, he's the powerhouse you've been searching for.

Introducing Tracy Loisel: The Epitome of Technical Brilliance.

In the vast realm of tech freelancers, few can match the prowess and versatility of Tracy Loisel. Drawing parallels with the top talents from industry giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, Tracy stands out as a beacon of excellence. His expertise is not just limited to his vast technical knowledge but extends to his agile project management skills, making his a holistic asset to any organization.

Technical Mastery:

Tracy's proficiency in backend development is unparalleled. With seniority in technologies like Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and Vue, he's on par with the best in the business. His hands-on experience with PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and a plethora of other technologies ensures that he's always ahead of the curve.

Open-Source Contributions:

His commitment to the tech community is evident from his contributions to open-source projects. Tracy has been an active contributor to projects like 'rails', 'csv-importer', and 'activeadmin', to name a few. Such contributions not only showcase his technical acumen but also his dedication to giving back to the community.

Past Affiliations & Achievements:

Having been associated with industry leaders like Grossiste-en-ligne.com, Mister Menuiserie, Shopmium and Mon Album Photo, Tracy brings a wealth of experience to the table. His stint with gaming companies and web agencies has further honed his skills, making him a well-rounded tech professional.

His accolades speak for themselves. From winning the 'Entrepreneurship contest Petit Poucet' to being recognized by 'Yvelines Entreprise Numerique' and 'Scientipole for innovation', Tracy's achievements are a testament to his capabilities.

Beyond Tech:

But Tracy is not just about codes and algorithms. His gold medal in Nihon Tai Jitsu 2023 showcases his discipline and dedication, traits that he seamlessly integrates into his professional life.

Challenges & Success Stories:

Tracy has successfully navigated challenges that would stump most. From managing high traffic issues and code legacy to mentoring junior profiles and hiring collaborators, he's done it all. Starting projects from scratch, speaking publicly, working remotely, and reporting to the C-line, Tracy has consistently demonstrated his adaptability and leadership qualities.

His expertise in UI & UX design ensures that the products he develops are not just functional but also user-friendly. His ability to improve speed and efficiency has made him an invaluable asset to her past organizations.

What to Expect:

When you bring Tracy Loisel on board, you're not just hiring a freelancer; you're investing in a legacy of excellence. His addition to your team means:

  • Productivity Boost: With his vast experience and skills, Tracy can hit the ground running, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and effectively.
  • Skill Augmentation: Tracy's diverse skill set can be a boon for your team, helping them learn and grow.
  • Success Guaranteed: With a track record of handling challenging projects and delivering results, Tracy ensures that your projects are in safe hands.

In conclusion, Tracy Loisel is more than just a software engineer freelancer. He's a tech virtuoso, a mentor, a leader, and above all, a valuable asset. If you're looking to elevate your projects to new heights, look no further. Tracy is the answer.